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The QMT MOM Courses Training approach has been set up to offer a clearer explanation of the options available in height safety training. This should make choosing the correct training for your staff quicker and easier. It will also allow you to demonstrate clearly to your client the level of training and the topics that are covered.

Each Module Sets out of the following
  • The course duration
  • Trainee to instructor ratio
  • Course content
  • Course content spilt between theory and practical sessions
  • The equipment that is utilized during training

If the modules are selected carefully you will be able to tailor your own course from standard modules. This provides you with a unique product at standard prices with proven consistency and quality.

How It Works

The basis of all the courses is Module 1 the Height Safety Equipment and Inspection course. This provides all trainees with a solid foundation in safe work at heights from which they then move on to the practical module to complete their competency. The practical module is one chosen to best suit their needs.

Trainees can then choose extra modules to further enhance their qualifications and skills. This also allows employers to have better skilled employees with specific height training.

To progress to other modules you must successfully complete all pre-requisites as stated for each module.

Course Details