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Industrial Accident / Incident Investigation

The Accident investigation will include the different causes leading to the accident and also the possible legal liabilities will be advised with regard to the accident.

1. Development & Review of QSHE Management Systems

2. Risk Management Consultancy

3. WSH Audits

  • Mandatory audits

  • Risk Management audit

  • Safety Management System audit

4. WSH Legal advice & Expert Witness

The Legal advice will include review of the investigation findings, relevant documents, etc. and the probable legal liabilities will be presented.

As for expert witness, a review of the case and provide views with regard to cause of the accident. A report will be furnish for submission to the relevant authorities and the court.

5. Development & Implementation of Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)

The development of FPP will include identification of fall from height hazards and the plan will include all reasonable practical measures to eliminate the fall from height hazards. The organization will be advice on the implementation of the FPP with regard to different strategies.

6. Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Consultancy

The BUS program will include a gap analysis of the organisation's safety management system with an action plan. The organization will be advice on the implementation of the action plan.

7. Training

  1. The legal aspect of WSH Act

The Training will consist of the following

a) Introduction of the WSH Act and the subsidiary Regulations.

b) Interpretation and Application of the Act with examples.

c) Elements of the OSH Management System

d) One case study

e) Q & A

2. Accident / Incident Investigation Training

A good accident / incident investigation allows an organisation to determine the exact causes of the incident and take necessary control measures to prevent recurrence.

3. Safety Committee Training

The Safety Committee Training will allow the members of the committee to understand the purpose and allow them to be able to actively contribute to the organization and assist employers to promote and provide a safe and healthy work environment.

4. Any other training's as required by the organization.

8. BizSafe 3, BizSafe Star

9. CultureSafe progamme.